Gareth Cliff | Founder of, Media Personality, Author and Entrepreneur

Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff has been on air for over 12000 hours. He recently started and lists his greatest gareth-cliff-gcs-281x211achievements as “bringing peace to the Middle-East and denying Kim Jong Un a visa to his house”. Gareth is also a Director and partner of One on One Productions, is a Judge on South Africa “Idols” and has the largest Twitter following in South Africa. He has also written a book – “Gareth Cliff on Everything” which remains on the bestseller list.

My Highlights | Starting and seeing over 1000 people come and audition to be on air with us in the first three weeks gave me great personal joy. Among those auditionees are the great future broadcasters of South Africa. To be able to give them a platform to entertain, inform and inspire is my proudest achievement.

My Key Strength | I’m not afraid to say what I think and to do what I say. Freedom of expression is the most valuable fruit of our constitution and freedom. I believe in exercising it every day.

Principles I Live 1eb700b0fdba4b38a64dbe93f8cec638By | Integrity, not wasting time and a sense of humour.



Performing At My Peak | You have to be healthy and you need enough sleep. You also need to be able to say no. Don’t take on things you don’t need to because you feel guilty or if you’re not sure you will do the best job, rather say no. Don’t do something just because you want to make a lot of money.

The Most Important Resource You Can Have | Is a group of people (even one or two) whom you can trust to advise you objectively. Finding praise singers or negative people is very easy. Finding someone who tells you the cold, hard truth can take many years.

An Unexpected Ambition | I want to build something. An actual edifice. I’m a frustrated architect and have always wanted to contribute to some great civic structure to the country

The Meaning Of Life | Is to be authentic. To live according to your rules and try not to hurt another creature in the 3566502337process.

Advice On Building Wealth | I don’t know about growing rich, but if you deliver something of value to others, you’ll gather rewards. If it’s a product or innovation, a service or an idea – if it’s valuable to others, you’ll do well from it.

Inspiring Others | You have to share values. You must seek to achieve something bigger and better than just the things you seek for yourself.


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