Femi Adebanji | Director of Mind-Advance Institute & Speaker

Femi Adebanji

Femi Adebanji’s reputation as an authority in the fields of Leadership, High-Performance business culture, and Personal Development, has led to him becoming a sought-after international business motivational speaker and trainer. 
His career as a speaker has been featured in international publications such as Wealth magazine, as well as in leading publications such as the Business Day and Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also been profiled on mainstream radio stations such as KAYA Fm and Radio 2000. His regular television appearances on “Good Morning Africa’s” Business Leadership series on Dstv have been flighted in over 20 countries on the continent. 
Femi has also sat as a panelist on the African Leadership Academy’s Enke Project with past panelists being the likes Alan Knott Craig Jr, McIntosh Polela and Nathan Roberts.

Femi-Adebanji_P1My Definition Of Success | Success to me means being able to do what I wish to do, when I want to do it and being able to balance my work, health and family life. Over the years, my definition of success has also incorporated ensuring that I use my life as a platform to empower and impact others.


I Am Driven By | My family. To be able to leave a legacy behind for my 2 boys – That’s a powerful driver for me. It forms the basis of everything I do. I also find the clearer your driver is, the more passionate you become.

My Highlights | The highlight of my career would be when I stepped out to become an entrepreneur. It was tough in the early days and a lot of sacrifices had to be made, but when I look back now, every bit of sacrifice was worth it.
What makes me most proud is being a Dad to 2 HYPER-ACTIVE, naughty, but awesome boys! Being a Dad also brings things into focus and brings a lot of clarity to understanding why I do the things I do either in business or in life generally.

The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are great at what they do, “constantly consciously” seek ways to get better at what they do. While they constantly learn from others to improve their craft, their number one competition is themselves. They are also life-long learners. They are always mindful of what their Key Success Factors are and also aware of what their Key Failure Factors are.
A Key Talent | I would say, it’s my ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances and events quickly. Circumstances in life and business are not linear and they change very quickly, more now than ever before.
I have come to understand that it’s not the event that is important, but rather, how I respond and adapt to the event. The faster and more positively I am able to respond to the circumstances, the more successful I find I become.
Success is not achieved by the smartest or the strongest, but by those who are able to adapt quickly to their circumstances and make the most of those circumstances. My advice:

  • Learn to stretch yourself and do things that are out of your comfort zone – you’ll be surprised at how quickly you adapt and how much you learn.
  • Adopt the mindset that every situation has inherent in it an opportunity, no matter how small. Learn to seek the opportunity – become opportunity-focused and not challenge focused.
  • Never stop learning – my ability to adapt to various situations and challenges (and learn from them) has allowed me to develop various skill-sets that have proven invaluable in my business ventures and in life generally.
  • If you bow it, move on. Never get stuck to your mistakes – shrug them off, learn from them, and move on quickly.

Dealing With Doubt | As a professional business speaker, the truth is that I face fear every time before I go on stage – which is in a way a very good thing, because it teaches you to never take anything for granted. I deal with the fear by:
Preparing, preparing, preparing! You must always be prepared and you need to constantly evaluate your level of preparedness. There’s competition out there and the truth is that success always goes to those that are most prepared.
I focus on the Now – I remind myself that all that matters at this very moment is the quality of what I do now and that “winning takes care of everything else”.

Performing At My Peak | I try to always perform at my peak by practicing “Presence” – i.e. I try to focus in on the moment and give 110% in that moment. Yesterday’s mistakes don’t matter anymore. All that matters is the quality of what I do now – because that directly impacts how successful I will be tomorrow.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Winning takes care of everything else…
Advice On Building Wealth | Have a clear vision. Have a plan and do something you are passionate about. Above all, be very clear of the price you are going to have to pay to achieve that goal, and then commit to paying that price. “You can’t achieve a million dream with a thousand rand effort”

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