Evan Robinson

Evan Robinson is the Director and Chief Technology Officer at TaxTim. He is listed by the Mail & Guardian as one of the top 200 young South Africans of 2013 in the science & technology section.

Evan-Robinson_P1My Definition Of Success | For me success means true and complete freedom. Freedom from financial concerns so that I can work on solutions to enable freedom on a larger scale for others, from oppression and limitation in all its various forms. I admit this sounds ambitious, but the world is in a bad place right now and could do with some creative disruption.

I Am Driven By | There are big problems in the world that need to be solved! Energy, democracy, poverty, food stability and crime all need to be addressed for the planet to make progress.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Motivation. Are you doing it for a paycheck or public acclaim, or because it’s a passion that drives you? If you follow your passion, you won’t be able to leave your hobby alone. It will consume you and because of all the time spent on it you will become highly skilled without effort.

A Key Talent | I have always been a DIY enthusiast. I have a strong belief that I can build things / do things myself and I will do everything necessary to get to the end point. People so often hand over money to solve problems, but miss out on an enriching life experience in between. Toaster broken? Take it apart. Bathroom tiles cracked? Off to the hardware store! If you are really passionate about something, you can make a plan and do it yourself. Having good Google research skills, reading the manual, planning where possible, asking for advice (taking some of it), thinking laterally and doing it your OWN way can be extremely satisfying. It’s always impossible until it’s done.

Evan-Robinson_P2The Characteristics Of Success | I believe in working toward a dream that is really, really important to you, but doing so sustainably so that you avoid burnout. Productivity only spikes for a limited period in crisis mode, and soon thereafter work quality drops, creativity flat lines, relationships suffer and health declines. By meditating and doing yoga, making time for exercise and relationships, I think I diffuse stress more effectively, allowing me to focus and be more productive during a work day and survive on fewer holidays for longer. It takes persistence and time for new ventures to reach significance, crisis and crash just doesn’t work.

Principles I Live By | Know yourself. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be ok with not knowing. Stay present. Do what you can here and now and don’t worry about the rest.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Work ON the business, not IN the business. Working on day-to-day activities stops a business from growing and reacting to new growth opportunities. Don’t try to sell anything that is a mouthful to explain or that you don’t really care about. Let your passion guide you and things will fall into place to make way.

Performing At My Peak | Listen to your body, not your mind. Your mind always wants to go, go, go but it forgets that it needs a healthy body to survive. If you feel tired, take rest. An afternoon nap that prevents you getting flu for weeks is valuable. Tired minds don’t get great ideas.

Evan-Robinson_P3The Meaning Of Life | Realizing the illusion of separation and limitation, and moving beyond it into enlightenment.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Be yourself.

I Am Inspired By | Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla.

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