Espen Fadnes | Worlds Fastest Human & Champion Extreme Sports Athlete

Espen Fadnes

Espen Fadnes is not only a champion extreme sports athlete but has also been rated as the worlds fastest human (wearing a wingsuit). He is an individual who has not only excelled physically, but has also been able to harness incredible mental strength to achieve what most people are not able to. Not only is he a very cool guy, but for someone who does loads of crazy things, he is also very wise!
What Drespen fadnessives Me | I’m driven by big, challenging, glorious up in the sky dreams. They may arrive by both day and night dreams. Its ideas, concepts, stunts, values that makes my heart beat slightly faster and my brain really awake. I try to disconnect from others expectations and make my heart and brain go in the same direction. When I am on that path, that direction I get lots of energy, motivation and drive.
The Difference Between Good And Great | Curiosity, open-mindedness, a gentle hand and hard work is behind most the people I find great. The great ones seems to never get tired of learning and has the confidence to admit their lack of knowledge. By doing so they always get fed with the necessary tools to stay on top of their game.

maxresdefaultMy Key Talent | Willingness to learn. When I was younger I tried to get a career as an alpine skier, something that many young boys and girls try in Norway. One of my teammates told me ones; “you will always meet people that are better than yourselves”. He was right and I tried to use that to my advantage. When I see talent, achievements that impress me, I ask them if they can help me to be as good as them. It can be as a wingsuit-flyer, a speaker or something on my computer. We can learn all life. And the process of learning is the best process I find in life.

Principles I Live By | I choose to use the words of the famous actor Ashton Kutcher here. He held a speech during Teen Awards earlier this year, directed to young people. But it could just as well have been directed towards any CEO. He said the harder you work, the more opportunities you get and hard work is the only way to get anywhere. Being sexy is being smart. And being smart is being thoughtful and generous. If I am to add, it would be: My life is a very good one if I know my actions are positively affecting the ones around me.

How I Use My Mind | So, in my profession, air-sports, it all lies in preparation. And there lies the key on a mental level. Good preparation is like giving massage to my mental state. My mental, physical and technical possessions are like a good education. It is my foundation. In the tactical planning is the specific project. The stunt, the speech, the meet. And by perfection the tactical part, visualizing by upcoming actions, feel it, sense it, I get calm, motivated and focused on my task.

probase-world-cup-espenDealing With Doubt | I mentioned preparations. Well. When I face an entirely new task, I sometimes struggle to feel safe. I might have doubt and feel the negative forces of fear. Fear of failing socially, personally, physically. As a teenager I was very afraid of standing in front of many people. I felt shy and exposed. Later I have learned its normal. I have also learned its one solution. Face it. Again and again. Do my best, don’t take myself to seriously and just simply go for it. I have learned that those negative forces can be my friend. They make me more aware, focused and not at least give me an even better feeling when I suddenly realize I master the scary situation. I also know it gets better with experience. Way better.

The Meaning Of Life | I believe the meaning of life is to embrace my given 80-90 years on this planet and use it as I feel is right for me. It may sound selfish, but I strongly believe our social side makes that path one you do together. Together with people you like, and people who like you.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | My mother ones said to me there are two crucial factors mandatory in any love relationships: The physical attraction and deep values. Anything else can be quite wrong. But without those two it just wont work. Thank you mom!

Espen FadnesOn Getting Rich | I’m not rich and have no goal for building wealth, but I still strongly feel like giving an answer here. I once heard some words from a professor at Harvard School of Business: If money was no issue at all, what would you choose as a profession? His point, I believe, was that genius, innovation and entrepreneurship often comes out of people who fulfill their personal potential, and that desire to get rich often clouds those skills.

Experiencing The Moment | I believe in this very moment, this day and who surrounds me now. It is surprising how desperately important I found a football match as a little kid, and how little that match matters to me today. I may think the same in 20-30 years, thinking back on projects I did in my 30s. So I embrace what I have, and whom surrounds me doing this very day. I hope the ones that was around me and is still alive when I’m gone, can use that mentality to truly live in the moment themselves.

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