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Ed Hatton

Ed was born and raised in Johannesburg, completing his schooling at Forrest High and the University of the Witwatersrand. He was immediately attracted to the embryonic computer industry, and commenced his career in support and then sales and sales management with one of the founding companies of Dimension Data. He moved to ICL and from sales to marketing, becoming the market manager of that company, before joining Joffe Associates in the fledgling PC and networking field. When the hugely successful Joffe was absorbed into Datakor he formed The Marketing Director. He had gained a reputation as one who could manage risk and build strong teams, but most of all someone who could grow and develop the companies that employed him.
Ed is a Mentor (consultant) with Business Partners Mentors, a life member (Senator) of Junior Chamber International, a life member and former chairman of the Alfa Romeo Club of SA, and an active LifeLine Counsellor, serving on the Board of LifeLine Ekurhuleni.

Ed-Hatton_P3My Definition Of Success | Success means progress towards achieving your goals. That may be achievement of short term or immediate goals or moving towards the big life goals. My definition of success has never changed, although the goals have matured. Money for its own sake has never been a goal, but good living has often featured.

I Am Driven By | Right now seeing the results of my efforts as people and businesses succeed and grow while overcoming adversity. And enjoying life in this wonderful an interesting country.

My Highlights | Many, from winning a best salesman in the world award to being there for desperate and suicidal people though LifeLine. The first time my words were published was very special, as was the first time I met a hugely successful businessperson I had mentored in the early days. But most of all feeling good about myself when I do something exceptionally well.

A Key Talent | The ability to accumulate and critically assess information, knowledge and wisdom. This produces the foundation for problem solving and daring judgment. Information is everywhere and is increasingly being processed into digestible, sometimes moronic sound bites, but knowledge and wisdom comes from reading, especially books, newspapers and magazines. It does not matter whether the author is Sun Tzu or Sieg Larsen everything you read will add to your store of knowledge and your ability to assess information critically.

Ed-Hatton_P2Principles I Live By | Integrity, fairness, determination, listening to others, courtesy, optimism, self-questioning, fun, care, drive, grit, love, hard work, continual learning, ability to look beyond today, resilience, joy. An eclectic mix I know, but all are important.


Critical Skills I Develop | Both success and adversity build you, so long as you recognize that most success is at least partly dependent on others and often on luck too, and most adversity was at least partly your fault, so do not get bitter or vengeful on those you think caused your adversity.

Lessons I Have Learnt | You do not succeed every time you execute a task perfectly, and you do not automatically fail if you make the most appalling mistakes. Life is capricious, outside factors or people may be at play. Deal with it.

Dealing With Doubt | I acknowledge the fear and deal with immediate and short term issues which I can deal with. When I was a young salesman I hit a really bad patch. I was penniless, my car was on empty and I was hungry. I walked to my flat at lunchtime and had no food. So I hauled out all the treasures from the good times and I feasted on tinned treats, drank the miniature French champagne, smoked a really fine cigar, and then I returned to the office and sold with determination and success.

Ed-Hatton_P1My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I would like my accumulated store of knowledge and insight to be available to aspirant and current entrepreneurs, to assist them is solving problems, exploiting opportunities and making good decisions. Hopefully, the first of a series of e-books to start to address this dream will be published this year.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | That I have made a positive difference in the lives and fortunes of others.


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