Dr Sherylle Calder | Scientist And Visual Skills Coach Best Known For Winning 2 x Rugby World Cups

Dr Sherylle Calder

Dr Sherylle Calder is a visual skills coach and guru. She is a sport scientist and performance coach, who is also known as “The Eye Lady”. Dr Calder has helped teams win 2 back-to-back Rugby World Cups amongst many other sporting trophies and her expertise in this field has long been recognised by the top sportsmen and women all over the world.

My Definition Of Success | Success for me is when I have made a change and made a visible impact on people’s lives and performance.

What Drives Me | My passion for my science and to implement it in new unexplored ways that can make a difference. To be creative in what I do, as sometimes there are limited resources available.

My HighligTriNations 2006 - SA v NZhts | When I won 2 back-to-back Rugby World Cups and when Ernie Els won the British Open.

The Difference Between good And Great |
To have vision and also passion for what you do.

What Has Made Me Successful | Is My Courage

My Roadmap For Success |

  • You must develop higher-than-average skills for what you’re doing and have the ability to continually learn new ones.
  • You must have high ambition and passion.
  • You must be resilient and able to handle disappointments along the way.
  • You have to stay committed to the task and not get distracted.
  • Persistence is essential.

The Characteristics Of Greatness |

  • To be humble at all times.
  • To be determined and never give up on yourself.Sherylle Calder 4
  • To have faith in what you do, even if others doubt you
  • To be adaptable to your situations at all times
  • To explore new things
  • To go out of your comfort zone
  • To not be dependent on recognition

The Values I Live By | To be humble, Respectful, Trustworthy, to stand up for what you believe in, to be kind and to make time for people in your life
You Must Always | Believe in what you do!

The Key Lessons I Have Learnt | Take risks! Be brave! Have not only a good head but also a good heart!

Performing At My Peak | To focus on what is important and training smart and efficient. To look after yourself physical and mentally and off course visually!

Best Advice I Have Received | Take risks! And if something is worth doing it is worth doing well.

The Legacy I Want To Leave | A legacy of changing peoples lives from the most elite to young kids.

Useful Links:

Watch as Dr Sherylle Calder does Eye Gym with Bryan Habana

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