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Dr.Prasad Kaipa

Dr. Prasad Kaipa,,Ph.D. serves as Director and Member of Advisory Board of Aankhen Inc. Dr. Kaipa served as a member of the Board of Directors of SeeCommerce, Director of the TIE Institute and managing director of Mithya Institute of Learning & Knowledge Architecture. Dr. Kaipa has developed algorithms that allow executives to map the “genetic code” of companies. He is well known for his original contributions in the areas of learning, knowledge creation, and innovation. Dr. Kaipa has developed executive and strategy development programs for Fortune 100 companies including Cisco, HP, Xerox, Sun Microsystems, BAE Systems, Quaker Oats, Boeing, Ford, Pacbell, and Bristol-Myers-Squibb. He advised companies in India such as the Eicher Group, Mastek, TVS Group, Silicon Automation Systems, Kirloskar Multimedia, Samtel Group, Indian Oil, and NDDB. Dr. Kaipa worked in Apple International Marketing and was a research fellow in Apple University. He worked on designing a learning processor that augments human intelligence. He is on the board of advisors/directors for Intertec Communications, Spirit of India, Partnerships for Change, Athena Interactive, Communities for the Future, Foundation to Promote Positive Learning Processes and Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning.
Prasad-Kaipa_P1My Definition Of Success | Love, laughter and happiness. When I am experiencing these three on a daily basis, I consider myself successful. The definition did change over time. At one time, it was title, another time name recognition, then money etc. Those things were external measures and the internal measures that I mentioned in the beginning were always the same. It is just that I pay more attention to them as I realized how temporary other measures of success are.

I Am Driven By | My energy and intensity. At another level purpose – which is connected to contribution to the fullest extent possible. Sometimes need for approval, recognition, love drive my behavior and my habits take over. So I am working on my habits so that they will take me where I want to go – more life, more contribution, and fun.

My Highlights | The opportunity to contribute to others to introspect and become self-aware. I had the opportunity to interact with more than 50000 people in seminar, workshop or class room setting and helping people to think and reflect is an honor and privilege.

The Difference Between Good And Great | Self-discipline and fortitude. Without these two, we stop at being good and never realize our full potential.

Prasad-Kaipa_P2A Key Talent | Energy. Over time, I started paying less and less attention to things that I am not passionate about and have energy for. In the beginning, I wanted to do it all. It is like I was not sure what will bring success and what area I should attend to so I tried everything and it was a disaster. Over time, I started asking questions about areas that I keep engaging with and passions that I pay special attention to. The rest of it, I slowly let go. It is not that I gave up on other stuff but gave more time and energy to what I am excited about, interested in and what others told me to pay attention to.
The key I found is unlearning and letting go of what does not work in life or what brings strife and conflict in your life. Conflicts drain your energy and passion triggers your energy. Pay special attention fo your energy triggers and drains as they are very specific and subtle. It takes time but when you have persistence and will power to engage with what makes a difference in your energy, your power to make a difference goes up exponentially.

The Characteristics Of Success | Doggedness or persistence to stay with what is meaningful and important to me.

Mindset – I am a child of God and God will help me whenever I help others. Be optimistic and know that you are limitless.

Practice what you preach – This has been a difficult lesson. After I wrote the book ‘From Smart to Wise’ everybody expected me to be wise and I was still working with my dumbness.

Enlightened self-interests – Focus on others and make them successful and make them the best leaders they can be. They will help me to get to where I need to get to.

Principles I Live By | I mentioned some in response to question 6. In addition, integrity and authenticity are other values I believe are important to live by.

Critical Skills I Develop | Leveraging my smartness for a larger good. Discovering my purpose and recognizing that it has to be noble for it to work for me and the world.

How I Use My Mind | I leverage it to focus on what I want to do rather than indulge in negative thoughts. I want to be optimistic, hopeful, resilient than the other way around.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Others know you better than you know yourself. Listen to the people who care about you.It is easy to know. Difficult to practice. But without practice, what you know is useless. You can achieve anything you wish. You have to work at it despite failures. Never give up your dreams.

Prasad-Kaipa_P3Dealing With Doubt | Recognize that they are going to be part of you whether you like it or not. Just embrace them and accept them as part of yourself and don’t fight. In other words, act despite self-doubt because other people are dependent on you. Be courageous and take risks despite fear of failure. Negativity means it is important to you or others so take is as a signal to keep moving despite negativity. I cannot think of a time when I did not face real fears or self-doubts. Almost every month, I go through crisis of self-doubt and fear of failure. Every month I find something that gets me through. For me, life is a challenge, blessing and I am grateful for it.

The Meaning Of Life | Meaning of life is that every life has a meaning and purpose of our life is to find that meaning while helping others to find meaning and purpose. You give meaning to your life through your actions and contribution to others.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Cut the crap and get on with it. Don’t dramatize what you are going through. Don’t over-analyze or psychologize because it can be a trap. Trust in yourself and in higher power and keep moving.

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | I don’t want to leave any legacy of my own. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute and want to leave the world a better place anonymously.
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