Dr. Poly I. Emenike | Chairman of Neros Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Author & Philanthropist

Dr. Poly I. Emenike

Financially, I achieved a lot through the books authored or co-authored by Dr. Hill. It is worthy of note that about 95% of the material wealth I have acquired in life was inspired by the Principle of Success teachings espoused in Dr. Napoleon Hill’s various writings. Thus, the business, which I commenced with a capital of about $2.00 (300 Naira) on July 14, 1975, being my 2 years earnings, working as an office boy in my Uncle’s Law firm, has today blossomed into a multi-million dollar business empire. Added to this is the fact that at a time when it looked like I would end up with only primary school educational qualification, I was inspired to further my educational pursuit owing to the enormous inspirations I drew from reading Dr. Hill’s writings. Today, I have not only acquired secondary education but also a University education at the highest level. In other words, Dr. Hill’s books have had a catalytic effect on my desire to become an educated business man; I now possess good University degrees at the Bachelors and Masters Level from a very reputable university in Nigeria, University of Lagos. So, if I relatively have peace of mind today, it is due to the consciousness raised in me about the potential opportunities available for me to tap from by Dr. Hill’s books.

Poly-Emenike_P1I Am Driven By | My chief driver in life is trying to fulfil an organized mission in life. Especially such mission that would help me helps mankind and the needy. All these are possible owing to my early exposures to Dr.Napoleon Hill’s 17 Success Principles, and the writings in the Think and Grow Rich book.

My Highlights | Seeing the business I started with only $2 (Two Dollars only) flourish before my very eyes! Witnessing and making history a sort of.
Triumphing from many adversities that usually come my ways along my life and business career.

A Key Talent | As a young man of 22 years,after reading Napoleon Hill’s books, I decided to practice the principles in the book; by:

  • Knowing exactly what I want out of life. Thus, I got an exercise book, where I looked into my future 25-30 years hence I used mainly the power of imagination to do so.
  • Thus, I divided my mission into four segments, where I listed what I had wanted, as well as the steps of how I should realize such goals. As Dr Napoleon Hill use to say: You don’t have something for nothing.
  • Apart from such long-range, short-range goals, I also ensure I write my yearly goals which I commit to memory between Jan-Feb of every year.
  • In such early year, I will also repeat my long-range and short-range/yearly goals aloud, until such a time I would memorize and repeat it heartily.
  • Because of time constrains, while going to shave or bath in the morning, I would repeat my goals heartily, until I must have concluded repeating such my yearly mission. Then in the evening, I will now reread such missions, which are already written in a well typed out format; which is average of four to five pages.
  • Thus, with the above articulated and memorized mission in life; it is hard for me to fall astray no matter what; because I am always on course in whatever I do.
  • Most importantly, the moment one is visualizing and repeating an organized mission, your inner mind would be seeing your mission always, from where you would achieve such goals in a miraculous way!
  • Meanwhile, for advice to the readers. You must know where you are going in life! If you don’t know where you want to go in life, then how would you know when you achieve any goal of any type; either big or small goals?
  • Also, repeat your missions/goals by also knowing the steps by steps of how you hope to achieve those missions/goals.
  • Importantly, be as practical as possible. Don’t overlook issues of any type.
  • Formulate a positive habit and images of yourself achieving momenta business or the profession you engaged in. You remember a saying that: you will make your habit, and your habit will make you! This is a very important truth! Because when you form a habit of trying to succeed in life, it will be your second nature, and success would be attracted to you through the law of attraction. Same is applicable when your form the attitude of failures, this would equally be attracted to your life, by what Dr.Hill called the law of harmonious attraction.
  • Always rely on the principle of getting your ideas through the intuition; which is what Napoleon Hill called Six Sense. Which you would normally receive when you repeat your small, medium and long-range goals in life.
  • Always learn from the university of adversity. It is part in building a successful life. This is one important principle that made me achieve success. Most times, the nature would taste you by such numerous adversities of much kind. But during this trying period, your mind would be making you feel that something is reserved for you somewhere, which would therefore encourage you, to continue toiling. And, if you did not lose hope, better things would follow such temporary tribulations.
  • Another important things I noticed in successful life, is that enduring successes takes time! Also, if you want it as soon as possible, you put must surely put yourself into troubles; because of such unguided get rich quick!
  • Most important talent I would advise my reader to start to learn as a matter of urgency is to know how to type! Typing skills; thereby trying to use typewriter without looking at the key board. This special, but neglected skill would help you in life!!! When I read the life and time of Dr.Napoleon Hill, I deduced that he was able to write numerous of his titles because of this important skills of knowing how to type!
  • For more information, kindly see my book: Emenike, P.I. (2014) Entrepreneurial Spirits through the Seventeen Success Principles of Napoleon Hill.

The Characteristics Of Success | No matter what you call success, you will not do much if you are not ambitious; i.e. desiring to achieve an organized mission in life! It was written somewhere in the Bible that: if you knock it shall be open; if you find, you shall see. All the above two parables are equivalent of formulating a mission in life, which is very important for one’s success in any endeavor.
For my life. Owing to the characteristics of knowing what I had wanted; as well as step by step basis of how to achieve it; which I must repeat twice everyday i.e. repeating it audibly in the morning, while preparing for the office; then repeating it in the night by reading it aloud, when I must have entered the library, where I should have more time, and space to do such repetition.
Also, I created what I call Macro and Micro Plan book.
Macro Plan Book is where I had written down my long-range goals of about 25 to more years(which a in volume); where I record what my six senses handed over to me while reading or interacting with my environment; which you would find while discussing with people; reading newspapers or watching television for news etc. Because in doing the above, you will be picking vibrations released by mankind in form of ideas and plans that would help you achieve your own goals in life. Like you know, everybody’s mind are interrelated or tied together. In fact, there are times, when I felt my mind is not providing enough ideas for me, I either read books or call a successful person who are my friends for discussions; along the line, while doing so, I will be picking some positive vibrations, which would recharge my mind like alternator recharging car battery. By this method, I would be a better self again, by being ambitious, as well as following my missions bravely.
In Micro Plan book: This is where I would record what I would achieve a current year; which I will thus repeat in the morning, which I had already memorized.Thereafter, in the evening, I would therefore, read and repeat it loudly, from where I would bear it in the mind before sleeping. By the above two ways, my goals would be in my conscious mind always. By this method, my mind would convince my unconscious mind, to achieve whatever I had exposed the mind to. I have already explained in some of the answers above.
Importantly, the above regimented system of impressing my major goals in life, made me to be a discipline character. I will continue to reiterate the fact that, if your habit nature prevail on you to behave in a certain way, it will be difficult to break such established habit.
Critical Skills I Develop | They are as follows:

  • Prompt decision taking skill: At times, it is very difficult to start implementation of your goals when you must have formulated the mission of what you wanted to achieve.
  • Being afraid of nothing; especially the six ghost of fears (apologies to Napoleon Hill).

How I Use My Mind | The followings are the ways I did it:
On a daily basis, I must ensure I repeated my goals; especially short-range of goals of one year, where I pen down what should be achieved in a year, as well as the step of how it will be achieved. The total pages are four/five. I ensure I repeat it audibly in the morning; then aloud in the evening when I entered the library between 8.30pm, until 12.30am of the following morning/day; after I must have read other books and plan of what I should do in the office the following day.
Then on Thursday, and Sunday, I will now read my long-range goals, where I would further pen down in four segments of what I would like to achieve in life. Starting from Education; Business; Philanthropy and the Foundation/social works I hope to achieve in life. I would reap some chapters of this my goals, thus to ensure they are potent in my mind; if not, it will be forgotten when you engaged in the current edition of such Macro Plan Book. Also along the line, when I had time, I will go back to my entire old volume of such my long-range Macro Plan Book, which started from 1981 – where I would review my previous goals, to ensure I have not omitted any unfulfilled goals I had set years back before the current edition.
Most importantly I control mind by constantly feeding it my goals, as well a positive thoughts devoid of any jealousy to anybody; because am away, that if it is success the other person had achieved, I can also achieve it, if I needed it badly enough.
Indeed, I tried to practice the Golden Rules, which is part of nature’s laws. By that, my mind will be calm, with its immediate environment.

Lessons I Have Learnt |

  • Some of the most important lesson I had learnt is that, human beings can alter his destiny by the type of thoughts he allowed to occupy in his/her mind.
  • I have also learnt that, whatever you put and harboured in your mind, must manifest in physical in one way or another. Hence, the reasons why one is advised to have a goal in life – especially by writing it down, from where you will read and rehearse it always; thereafter the manifestation would happen miraculously!
  • Also, I had learnt that the summary of Dr.Napoleon Hill’s writings remain that: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!
  • I have most importantly noticed, that if most people can understood and practice the Six Steps that turned Desire into Gold, as espoused by Dr.Napoleon Hill in his book: Think and Grow Rich, then this world would have been a better for mankind. So, far based on my findings and interaction with most people who have read his book; majority are not disciplined enough to read and practice that six chapters; which is the bedrock of Dr Hill’s writing!
  • One should be consistent in whatever one does; no matter the odd; the tribulations would come to pass; if you look back, you won’t know how such problems were solved.
  • That every adversity had the seed of its equivalent benefits.
  • Human beings can receive information from sources, other than the five senses; thereby confirming that there are many laws that govern this universe.
  • Prayers can perform miracles, when you have missions of where you are going in life…, as well as the steps of achieving such your goals and mission.
  • It is advisable to repeat your mission aloud, after written it has been written down; before you memorize same.
  • After I must have gone to Italy, Croatia, Turkey (Ephesus), and Olympia in Greece, where I saw certain things that dated back over 2700 years; and the first world library, stadium, market, theatre and many other things that dated between 1100-1500 years BC (Before Christ), I therefore believe that, the world would not be destroyed. Thus, when one dies, his own world have come to an end! And the world and its inhabitants would thereby continue to move ahead.
  • Whether we like it or not, human beings are ruled by intangible forces, which cannot be analyzed analytically. But it is there, only to be felt spiritually!

Dealing With Doubt | Since 1981, when I started to practice the six steps in Think & Grow Rich, my other self-made me to understand that am heading for some “prepared” destinations. This made me to whether the storm of many negative dispositions.
Most importantly through the principles of Positive Mental Attitude, I can control my mind automatically by not allowing my mind to skew negatively.
Also, because I had read and continue to read Self-Help books, I ensure I underscore passages that meant something to me.So, that in future, when I needed positive news/affirmations to control such negative disposition, before it will cause harm in me, I will go back to the books I had read and then continue to browse through the underlined passages of the book, from where I would control my mind from swinging to negativity.Thus,I hereby encourage people to always underscore with pencil the passages that meant something for the reader, as far as he/she own such books
Through the writings of Dr Napoleon Hill’s series, I had known that, that if you mind conceive positive things, you would achieve them; then if you allow your mind to conceive negative things, you will be attracting negative things, especially poverty, thus, I decided not to harbour negative thoughts of any kind!

Performing At My Peak |By always using my inner eyes to see that am on the peak of my business/profession. There is this African proverb which stated that: “If you want to catch a monkey you should be like a monkey” Thus for you to perform peakly, you must think peakly!
Also, I constantly pursuing/emulating as much as possible the leaders in the industry where I operate. I felt that if such company or companies can achieve such a remarkable success, why my company can’t also do so!
I had researched and put into writings those entire fellows I hope to emulate. Equivalent of what Dr Hill called ‘Invisible Counsellors’ as were written in Think and Grow Rich.
I put into practice the saying that: Constancy of Purpose is the first principle of success. Thus the more you keep your goals before you, the faster you would achieve it. Hence the reasons why I memorize and repeat my goals as much as possible. So, whenever my mind idle, I will recall my one year goals, which is already in my memory, from where I will feed my idle mind, so that it would not be occupied by negative vibration, which we can pick from newspapers and televisions and other mass media; even with both the people you interact with.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | The first tools that I used to keep inspired are books. And mind you, whenever you read a book, you are reading about people; which means the book I had read is about people and what kept them going.
Books and people written in it are so importantly to me, that even before I read Napoleon Hill’s book, I had been reading Who is Who that were published by Nigerian Daily Times Newspapers; where it normally published in early January of every years, the history of Nigerian leaders that have achieved a noteworthy success in life. In the volumes, I will be reading histories of those leaders to know how they started and succeeded in life, thus to know how I would also achieve my own success in life. These are some of the materials in form of books that had motivated me.
Another book that has motivated me a lot is Think & Grow Rich. Although that was the second book of Napoleon Hill I had ever read. The first being Success through a Positive Mental Attitude.Thereafter, the Law of Success, and many other books. In totality, Dr Napoleon Hill, through his writings had contributed 95% of the materials things I had in life today!
People also motivated me. What I did was to short-list the multi-billionaires in Nigeria and USA, whom I resolved to, compete with. Those personalities are therefore the motivating tools, to ensure am going on the right direction.
Environment: Environment is another motivating factor. In the process of ensuring that I used environment to keep myself motivated, I ensure I relocated my office and residential places to the most expensive segment of Nigeria, nay Africa: Victoria Island and Ikoyi axis of Lagos, Nigeria.
Finally, I am not a music or movie person. I prefer to read books and other literary materials. Although; I usually listen to local music or Christian music, called Voice of the Cross. While listening to such music, which is only when am in a car, I would remember olden days events and scenarios when I started at Onitsha, Anambra state of Nigeria.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | To establish a foremost Business school in Nigeria, which would in future metamorphose into a University. Preferable the name would be called Napoleon Hill University; where the key to success of the 17 Success Principle of Napoleon Hill would be taught to the students.
Also, I would like to be known world-wide by writings, but not for financial wealth.
It is my intention for the pharmaceutical company I had founded to be quoted in Nigerian Stock Exchange, and South African Stock Exchange, London and New York stock Exchanges. This might be possible, either by going it alone or merging with notable multinational pharmaceutical companies.
I also have the ambition of being one of the foremost African authors; where I would contribute much in Self-Help segment of motivational books.
Be active participants in Napoleon Hill Foundation works in USA, Africa, or anywhere my services are needed.
The goals of how to achieve the above and some goals are already written in my micro and macro plan books, which I had to read on daily and weekly basis.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | The best advice I had ever received is from Dr.Napoleon Hill, through his books, that: “WHATEVER THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE”
Thus, with the above advice in mind, I tried to use my mind to explore and engage in many type of ambitious goals I would like achieve – believing that if such goals are not against humanity, as advice by Dr.Hill, I would achieve such impossible goals.

Advice On Building Wealth | My advice is:
First and foremost sit down to short-list the type of things you would like to do as your vocation or business. Your analysis would comprise among other things; checking if you would work for somebody before you start on your own; or maybe you wanted to start as an entrepreneur.
After knowing what to do, you have to know where you should garner some experiences; inform of apprenticeship. You would agree with me that, if you were employed or understudy experienced persons/companies, you can use the resources of such company/person to gain experience, unlike when you started your own business right from day one. If there is any damage, you are the one to bear the loss and cost of rebuilding or replacing such damaged equipment! But if it happened in a well-established company, such company would absorb the shock of such damaged items. But for individual; such mistakes can sink such company.
Always listen to the advice of experienced people in the business or the profession you engaged in. They have used their capitals as opportunity cost of such garnered experiences.
Don’t engage your capital at the same time. For example, if you are starting business for the first time. If your total capital is $300,000.You should first engage one over three of such capital, i.e. $100,000.Then fix the remaining in a fix deposit for one year, and two years respectively i.e. $100,000 in one year deposit; and the remaining $100,000 in two years deposit.
With experience, most time when you start business newly; your first capital would be sacrificed to get some experiences in such field. Thus, when your initial capital is about to finish in the following year, you will release and injected another capital in the business; and finally by two years’ time you would put the last $100,000 in the business once again. By now, you must have known such business very well. However; the above advice is contingency upon certain operational environment. Thus, the above is based on Nigeria, nay African business environment.
Also, identify a leader in that field you are targeting, and thus take him as your “air controller”/benchmark, who would be an inspiration to keep you striving when some element of negativity set in, by penetrating into you through some of five senses.
Always use the self-starter Do it Now to implement such your stated goals you want to achieve. Therefore, the moment you had complete the analysis of what you hope to implement, you should jump into such project and start the implementation immediately. This is what I call SPA (Swimming Pool Approach) in doing things in my book: Entrepreneurial Spirits…
Always think in terms of 25-30 years hence when you are formulating your strategic vision. The Bible says: “Without vision my people will die”. No humans, either business people or otherwise would face the world blindly.
Always form the habit of reading something related to the business you do, as well as reading inspirational books on daily basis. Form it a habit to read, at least one to two hours every day, from where you would be deriving inspiration to manage your business very well.
No matter the type of accommodation you live in, create a library, where you would stay to read and analyze your stated goals in life; which would devoid of disturbances from your household.
Most importantly, look for Napoleon Hill’s books and thus master the principles written in two of his books: Think and Grow Rich, as well as his other books, where you could read and put into practice the 17 Success Principles. Most importantly, master in practical terms: the Six Steps that turn Desire into Gold – especially step number 6 itself – where you must repeat aloud your stated goals!!!! Very, Very important to practice this step 6; this is from where the Six Sense would soar and fly above the cloud in order to work effectively.
Before you start to spend money from you capital, ensure you’ve grown from failure grade; i.e. before you spend your capital indiscriminately, ensure your capitals must be as solid as Gate of Gibraltar.
Be aware that you can do anything you want, with the Master Mind Principles; this can be seen with the mastering of the 17 Success Principles, as already mentioned severally.

Poly-Emenike_P3On Inspiring Others | In the business I do, I am not a pharmacist, or had a background on some of the biological sciences. I am an entrepreneur, but was doing business that needed a lot of specialists. This simple thing I do is to be at the background to co-ordinate the professional pharmacists, chemists, Microbiologist, accountants, name them – where I would be controlling and playing politics of some intrigues that will be emanating every now and then, in the process of doing the business.
The key word is that, I use the principles of Master Mind Alliance, which is one of the principles in Napoleon Hill Success Principles. The main meaning of the principle is that, no matter the type of business or vacation you would like to do, you can do it, as far as you can utilize what was written in that principle, by letting go and sharing with the experts some extra revenues you derived from such their co-operation, after you must have achieved your targeted target for the year; which is in form of profit-sharing.
In process of dealing with such experts that bridge the gap of professional qualification of what you don’t have, be open-minded with such an expert.
We usually find such experts from interview process which we normally use recruitment consultants/experts to select for us; whereby job description would be specifically typed out and sign by each party before work starts; with six month probation before the confirmation of such work.

I Am Inspired By | I have different types of role models, which depends on different segments of my mission in life. Some of them are described below:

  • In business: I tried to emulate Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, who is a Nigerian. Also John H.Johnson of USA;the publisher of Ebony Magazine, and others(See my book for more details)
  • Philanthropy: Andrew Carnegie, Rockfeller, and some modern-day philanthropist, like Bill Gate etc.
  • Writings: I had short-listed six sages I had wanted to emulate or am already emulating: Socrates; Benjamin Franklin; Daniel Defoe, Orison Sweet Marden and Dr.Napoleon Hill. Like I had said in one of the passages above, it is my wish that, I should not be known for my business/wealth, but for my writing and thinking prowess!

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | The legacy I would like to leave is to be known as a foremost or a renowned: Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Philosopher, Writeand a Philanthropist of world repute! This is whereby I am currently sacrificing my sleepless nights to ensure it is achieved in no distant future. Which I would remain grateful to the entire management and staff of Napoleon Hill Foundation, for creating such platform or enable environment from where I would achieve such laudable ambitious goals!

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