Doug Ulman

Doug Ulman is the former CEO of the cancer charity Livestrong. And now a president and chief executive officer of Pelotonia, a Columbus, Ohio, charity bike ride that has raised more than $61 million for cancer research in its first five years. He is driven by a desire to help people and to impact lives. Having survived cancer himself 3-times, he is now thriving and not only is he a leader within his field, but also a role-model having been internationally acknowledged for his great and prolific work.
My Definition of Success | Success is the realization that you have impacted the lives of people in meaningful ways. I have always believed in serving others and while the definition may have evolved in my own mind it has always been focused on improving the lives of others.

What Drives Me | I am driven by a passion for improving the world and by a belief that anything is possible.

The Difference Between good And Great | People who are great at what they do have an unparalleled passion and dedication to their role. They live and breathe it and everyone around them knows how deeply they care.

Doug Ulman, CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation speaks during a discussion regarding initiatives to combat non-communicable diseases at the Clinton Global Initiative in New YorkMy Key Talent | Humility. As a leader I feel that it is critical to have humility. It allows you to connect with your team and external audiences in an authentic and transparent way. Our mission is not about any one of us but rather about the sum of our community. Opening up to your colleagues and partners is a great way to focus some attention on this characteristic.

Key Characterizes that have led to my success | Determination, work ethic, drive, humility

Values I Live By | Honesty, transparency, community

Doug UlmanPerforming At My Peak | For me the key to performance is exercise. If I am exercising regularly I am able to achieve more and I feel a lot better.

Resources I Use | I like to read magazines, books, and inspirational articles where I can learn as much as possible from others who have been down similar paths in business and life.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | “Walk when you can, run when you must.” My high school soccer coach taught me this and it is so relevant to many parts of life!


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