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Donna Rachelson

As an experienced branding and marketing specialist Donna Rachelson is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and women. Donna is a guest lecturer at Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) having penned three books. With a wide frame of reference, being a mother and an adventurer, here she generously shares her thoughts with us:

Donna_RachelsenMy Definition Of Success | Doing what you love in a way that has an incredible impact on society.

I Am Driven By | Making a difference and unleashing people’s potential



My Highlights |

  • Completing my BA Soc Work, Hons (Industrial) and MBA after being told I should go to a Technikon
  • Funding myself through University
  • Two firewalks
  • River-rafting the mighty Zambezi
  • Having two children
  • Writing and launching three books


The Difference Between Good and Great | Great is achieving your stretch goals

A Key Talent | Helping people realize their potential

The Characteristics Of Success | Positive outlook. Hard work. Resilience. Gratitude. Assertiveness.

Principles I Live By | Don’t sweat the small stuff. Live each day like it’s the last. Give it your best every time

Critical Skills I Develop | Empathy, negotiation, humility, flexibility, agility and resilience

How I Use My Mind | Continuous learning and challenging the status quo. 

Donna_Rachelsen2Lessons I Have Learnt Business is a game invented by men – learn the rules and combine that with your strengths.
Don’t take it personally
When you want something – ask, don’t hint
Say it – it doesn’t have to be 100% right
Fake it till you are it.


Dealing With Doubt | Trust yourself

Performing At My Peak | Managing energy, not time

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | My family, my team, my mentors and inspiring role models

My Future Dreams And Ambitions | Positively impact entrepreneurs and women across Africa

The Meaning Of Life | Live your purpose

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Protect your reputation, your name is everything

Advice On Building Wealth | Take risks and balance your portfolio

Donna_Rachelsen3On Inspiring Others | Lead by example

I Am Inspired By | God’s magnificence

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | To have lived a meaningful life that impacts people in a powerful and positive way




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