David Donde
Some entrepreneurs are so ridiculously prolific, talented and ‘out-there’ that they get to take on the status of ‘celebrity’ entrepreneur. In my opinion, David Donde is one of those. I know this for a fact because I get to experience both the brand and the products that David brings to the market almost every day at Truth Coffee’s Steampunk HQ, only a short walk from our studios at successness.com in Cape Town. Anyone who has lost themselves to a ‘skinny mac’ and shared wild fantasies in the eclectic, funky, and always busy Truth Cafe, knows what I am talking about.  I was not surprised to hear that it’s been voted the world’s best coffee shop by the The Daily Telegraph two years in a row!!! A man not afraid of the brutal truth, David kindly offers up some pearls of wisdom behind his success story in his brief interview. So, sit back, grab a short black of your own and enjoy. Hit it David!!

I Am Driven By: Trying to achieve the extraordinary, and thereby bring joy. Tinkering and building.

My ‘Magic’ comes from: Stealing like an artist. Finding great ideas and getting inspired to move them up and on.

The Difference Between good And Great: Fear of mediocrity and the understanding, that it is about the journey, not the destination.

A Key Talent: AD(H)D 🙂

Principles I Live By: Having principles and values that guide one is the principle that matters. Which ones don’t matter.

Critical Skills I Develop: Thinking bigger.

How I Use My Mind: I allow good ideas to filter up on their own.

Dealing With Doubt and fear: Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but facing fear and forging ahead anyhow.

Performing At My Peak: Trying not to be busy being busy.

My Future Dreams And Ambitions: Can I let you know on my deathbed? Don’t want the limitation now thanks. 

How I balance high performance with happiness and contentment: I am never content. I am happy striving. 

Advice On Building Wealth: Stop it! Chase success. Wealth is a mirage.


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