Davey Du Plessis

Davey Du Plessis became globally famous after being attacked whilst trekking alone through the Amazon and almost losing his life, had it not been for his incredible endurance and the compassion of strangers. Yet he should be known for his message and belief that humanity needs more compassion for each other as a global community whilst nature is as equal and should be as respected. We should be listening a lot harder to this viewpoint. 
My Definition Of Success | Success has never been a priority in my life, as my level of achievement has no specific limit Davey DuPlessisor goal. Instead I have been focused on fulfillment, measured by the actions undertaken each day. I lost the desire and pursuit of being successful, when I realized that the meaning of success revolved around one’s personal ambitions, desires and goals. My actions are focused on unifying humanity and nature, both of which are not based on successes and are rather based on an understanding of equality and unity.

What Drives Me | I am driven by compassion and knowing that I have the opportunity to promote and encourage an equality and unity of all life.

My Highlights | My highlights thus far have been in the privilege of experiencing parts of the world that very humans experience, such as the Amazon and certain areas in Africa.

Davey Du PlessisThe Difference Between good and Great | I believe the difference lies in what is your driving force and the reason you do what you do.  Are you driven to better your own life and achieve based on your own goals? Or, are you driven to better the existence of humanity and the natural world as a whole? Are you reasons to do what you do based on ideas to improve your own circumstances, or are your reasons based on improving the circumstances of others.

My Key Talent | I do not believe I am successful in any way or form, but if there was a talent or strength that I believe has helped in my journey, it would be a questioning mind – continually questioning myself, my principles, my beliefs and the systems that govern humanity. A question alone has the ability to alter, refine or improve the course of ones life.

Daily Actions And Habits | I have chosen to live my life in a continual state of optimism and personal ambition – believing that life can always improve, and that I can always improve. I am also inspired by the realization that I have the potential to not only improve my own circumstances but also of those around me.

Principles I Live By | I believe the key principle worth understanding and adopting, is the principle that all life is equal – a human is as equal to a bee, as a bee is as equal to a rhino. To ultimately understand that all life is equal and governed by the same universal forces.

My Critical Skill | My most critical skill that has aided in my journey is the ability to understand each person for who they are as an individual in a mixed society, rather than forming collective generalizations of individuals based on a singular view of society as a whole. Seeing one as one, instead of one as all.

Davey Du Plessis 11How I Use My Mind | The mind can be the most powerful or destructive tool to the human existence. If the mind is used to segregate and separate life it becomes of a disservice, if it is used to unify and integrate life then it becomes a serving mind. I use my mind to understand and interpret the world I experience, rather than using it to form set rules or laws that instill specific views and beliefs – my mind adapts to my surroundings, finding the most productive ways of encouraging unity and equality.

Lessons I Have Learnt | My most important lesson that I have learned is ‘simplicity’. Life is simple and requires no understanding.  Our minds create confusion through beliefs, rules and laws and eventually our life becomes a pursuit of things such as health, connection or happiness. We deviate off track by trying to complicate life, thinking that intelligence will solve our every problem or issue.

Dealing With Doubt | I experience doubt and fear almost daily, but I have realized that they are parts of a thinking mind. My focus has never been to conquer my doubts or fears, instead it has been to understand them and to not act out of them. When I experience doubt, I realize that it is due to creating an inferiority or superiority complex, I reaffirm that all is equal which reassures that I have no reason to doubt myself. If my fear is not created from an immediate and life threatening danger, I reassure myself that my fear is based on what I do not know and instead internalise that living in the unknown is what makes life exciting and not fearful.

Performing At My Peak | I find that my peak performance fluctuates depending on many internal and external factors, I am yet to fully understand how to access peak performance at will.

Resources I Use | I am inspired by many sources, through media, personal experiences and observations of nature. What inspires me is when someone or something’s actions produce positive ripple effects.

My Dreams And Ambitions | My only specific outcome is to believe that my time on earth was spent making a positive difference in both humanity and nature. I don’t have any real personal goals or achievements, besides the desire to constantly improve as a more kinder and caring individual.

The Meaning Of Life | I don’t know what the meaning of life is and to be honest I don’t spend too much time focusing on those larger and seemingly ambiguous questions, instead I focus on making constant improvements that have the potential to add a little daily value to all life.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | The most important advice I have ever received was to measure someone’s advice through their actions.

On Getting Rich | I would have no advice for someone whose objective was to be rich and grow wealth, instead I would ask – why do you want to be rich and what is wealth?

On Inspiring Others | I make sure that the people with who I spend the majority of my time are like-minded people inspired by positive ideals, rather than motivated by short-term goals.

The Destination or The Journey? | Answer: The journey

On Leaving A Legacy | I believe the ego desires a legacy; instead I just want to make small positive differences each day. When I am gone, I don’t mind being forgotten – started as a no-one and ending as a no-one.


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