Daria Van Den Bercken

Daria is a multiple prize winning artist, with a career expanding internationally, including recent debuts with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and The Symphony Orchestra of Guanajuato in Mexico, as well as recitals in Europe and the United States. Daria has played recitals in all the major halls of The Netherlands, and is also a regular guest at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Embracing the world outside her own field of musical expertise continues to be the inspiration for Daria’s projects. ‘Handel At The Piano‘ and more recently ‘Keys to Mozart’. The accompanying CDs have been praised unanimously by the international press.
Daria van den Bercken 2I Am Driven By | My love for music drives me. And this love resonates deep within me, so all my actions come from the bottom of my heart. At the same time it is a challenge to translate this timeless love into a workable life in 2015.



A Key Talent | My sister once shouted out that I am like an ox who just keeps on bumping against the door to make it through it to be able to go on. She meant it in a nice way, and I guess that perseverance indeed is one of my strengths. But I am almost not conscious of it: it is usually in retrospect that I realize that I just went on and on, if not this way than the other way. One strength I am conscious of is discipline. But I guess it actually somehow fits perseverance. Another strength which I did not have at the start but developed over the years is to trust my own intuition, which feels as a big risk sometimes if you are not used to doing that.

The Characteristics Of Success | You have to be flexible in a flexible world, nonetheless stay true to your beliefs. In short: change context if needed, never change content. But if you are not sure of the content: keep SEARCHING. I love searching and I love gaining new information and point of views. I guess it is one of the main fuels next to music that keeps me healthy.

Critical Skills I Develop | Communicate with other people. See things from their side. It helps one creatively and it helps others to understand you. And of course: Always improve the music making. For that I need a couple of hours a day.

Daria van den Bercken 3How I Use My Mind | A crucial moment in my career was when I decided to choose for myself and when I consciously chose to keep the people close to me who believed in me and whom I loved. What this of course also implied is that I chose to distance myself from energy that proved to be continuously negative and unsupportive, even if these were long term relationships with people.

Lessons I Have Learnt | It is crucial to be able to see the relativity or light side of things. Never make things too heavy yourself. If something does not work take lessons from it and turn it into a better version and do not let it ruin your beliefs. Of course this is only important if you want action in your life.

Dealing With Doubt | Frustration can be a good thing. In my case a lot of energy and good came from bulked up frustration about the way I was living up to a certain point. I was tired of negativity and fear. I was mainly scared to make mistakes. But deeper than that I just did not understand what it exactly meant to follow ones own path in life. At some point I just found the right turn, recognized it and took all the fuel I had –whether it was from frustration or from euphoria to make that work. But of course self-doubt always creeps up at annoying times. It’s good I recognize it now though.

Daria van den BerckenPerforming At My Peak | By realizing that (after preparing the fullest and making sure you leave out negative influences)
1) it is OK to make a mistake
2) it is OK to be nervous



On Inspiring Others | Keeping them informed of every step I take in the projects we do together so that everybody keeps feeling involved and keeps having the feeling they are NOT carrying the whole weight on their shoulders.

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