Bart Conner

Bart Conner is a 2-time Gold Olympic champion gymnast. He currently owns and operates the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy. He is the editor for International Gymnast Magazine, a commentator and highly-requested motivational speaker. 
My Definition Of Success | I used to think that success was just about “winning,” but I have come to discover that striving for “significance” is much more fulfilling and interesting. Of course, many of the opportunities that I am presented with are because of my Olympic success, but I hope that my legacy will be one of compassion and kindness to others.  I will be extremely proud if those values will define my lasting legacy.

bart images What Drives Me | I am constantly inspired by “excellence” in the world around me. My eyes are always open to look for excellence in all things whether it is in sports, art, education or even what might seem the most mundane things such as a perfectly manicured lawn, or excellent service at a restaurant.  Excellence is everywhere if you are looking for it.

My Highlights | I am of course proud of my work in sports, business and charity, but I am now extremely focused on being a good husband and father to our son. Being a good dad is such an important role and I take it seriously. I hope we are raising a child who sees the wonder and inspiration in everything around him in the world.

The Values I Live By | I try to live my life by the Olympic values where we have learned to be whole in mind, body and spirit. I always try to work hard, play fair, honor the game, respect my competitors, and show tolerance and acceptance for everyone regardless of their gender, race or beliefs.

Dealing With Doubt | Of course, I have had doubt many times, and still do, but I think that means that you have great ambitions, yet you have a healthy respect for the challenges in front of you. I think when you have doubt, you become hyper-alert to the task at hand, which is a good thing. Being a little nervous is a good thing, because it means that you truly care.

bart_poseThe Best Advice I’ve Ever Received | I was told many years ago that “people may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.”


People Who Inspire Me | I think you can find role models everywhere, and so I try to be very observant of the “greatness” and “grace” that is all around us. It is important to be aware because true greatness is everywhere and it can become an incredible source of energy and inspiration.

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