Cherie Keating

Cherie Keating, MD of the Dermal Institute of South Africa is a true Dermalogica leader in a South African context. She started at Dermalogica at the age of 19 and has grown through the ranks, from sales to education to general management, to become the director of Dermalogica South Africa. She is an inspiration to many and continues to encourage all those who work under her leadership with the passion to make her Dermalogica journey a phenomenal success.
Cherie is a driven and highly motivated individual. She has a strong ability to lead and motivate her staff and the business and has played an integral role in the company’s success and growth over the last 19 years. Her unwavering passion for Dermalogica, the company and the Industry is evident in all that she undertakes.

Cherie-Keating_P3My Definition Of Success | Success for me is being happy in your life, achieving what you set out to but also feeling fulfilled and that there is a sense of purpose to what you do.




I Am Driven By | I drive myself – I have always had the belief if you going to bother doing something, do it the best you can or not at all.  What motivates me is seeing the difference one can make to others and the reward of that.

My Highlights | Having joined Dermalogica 1 year into its existence as a wet behind the ears skin care therapist , we started in a garage , and 20 years later as the MD I am so proud of what Dermalogica is today

The Difference Between Good And Great | I think GREAT people do what they say they are going to do, no half measures, commitment and tenacity and never being satisfied with the current status quo – you can always raise the bar – but YOU need to be that sort of person – no one can force that on you.  So GREAT people have a clear unwavering focus and dedication to relentless execution in all that they do .they never settle.

A Key Talent | I think passion, determination and tenacity have been important to my success and qualities that I have leveraged.  When you are deeply passionate, you are committed and you will find a way, you don’t give up.  If you care enough about what you do, you will do it differently and you will see it through.   I believe you need to be true to who you are, if what you do is aligned to who you are, you will excel, and you will stick with things, but if you are not true to yourself, your internal conflict and pressure will create counter momentum and stress that takes away the sense of fulfillment and achievement that comes from real sweat in business.
Given my journey in one place has been so long, I have had to work at re-energizing passion, and finding ways to “ stock the fire in the belly”  to keep going and staying committed to high standards and objectives.   Being happy and fulfilled emotionally is key and one has to dig deep when that part of your life is not in sync.

Cherie-Keating_P2Principles I Live By | Live your truth , even when that’s hard ,  stand up for what you believe , be authentic and real always ,  take full responsibility for your life – the good , the bad and the ugly –  we are where we are by decisions and choices we have made .  Don’t wait for someone else to make it happen for you. Know your power as a co-creator of your reality.  LOVE what you do, be who you are and you will have what you really want.

How I Use My Mind | I think the first thing is realizing the power of one’s mind and thought and the importance of weeding the “garden” of negative thoughts.   Working at being conscious and mindful in things is important and for me-   a great amount of quiet solitude is vital to my ability to problem solve and be creative.  I also think fun and enjoying yourself is a big part of things as this is when we most flow with ideas and our passion can be expressed.  Music is my best vehicle to freeing my mind of worry and stress and helps me get positive again on things.

Dealing With Doubt | I think leadership requires one to feel the fear and self-doubt and do it anyway.  Being prepared is a big part of side stepping these issues, having the facts / empiricism – and also being tune with what triggers these feelings.   I have had to present many times and overcome the fear of that. also being in my role requires me to have sound financial understanding etc. and yet I have no business degree behind me – so again it’s about baking yourself, being prepared and working harder at the things that you need to build your confidence .there are just no short cuts to success.

Cherie-Keating_P1My Future Dreams And Ambitions | I have worked hard for the last 20 years and would love to have a family and pursue a business opportunity that allows my creative side to be expressed more – I would also like to become a life coach and help others unlock their potential.



The Meaning Of Life | Life is a journey of discovery – a puzzle that we slowly piece together with every choice we make – to realize our full  potential and make a difference while we are on that journey.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Always work as though you are your own “cc” – have an owner mentality even when you are just an employee.

I Am Inspired By | I have too many to mention – but I would say Jane Wurwand the founder of Dermalogica Inc , she is a visionary , bold and dynamic woman who has shown us all what is  possible when you have a passion and fierce conviction,  and Bruce  Springsteen for his incredible journey of passion and staying power , the ability to reinvent one self, stay relevant , stay humble and to have such incredible physical energy and stamina at 65 years old, he gets better with the years and I have taken great inspiration from his story during my own journey. He has depth and soul and that for me is even more important than success alone.


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