Busi Poyo | Co-Founder And Culture Evangelist At Culture Movement

Busi Poyo

Busi Poyo is a co-founder/ Culture Evangelist [Brand Manager] at Culture Movement, a One Young World Delegate and an Aspire Foundation mentee with a passion for communications and an obsession with the internet & all the possibilities that it represents. She is a young South African entrepreneur that is always thinking about creating, building, making and laughing. She believes that art is a powerful tool that can be used to unite and empower communities. That belief and her interests in learning, society and business are the motivation for the portfolio career that she is building. Apart from activating the community library with Culture Movement and studying towards her BBA in Marketing Management from IMM GSM, Busi Poyo enjoys getting lost on purpose, tea, reading and taking naps.
My Definition Of Success | It used to mean amassing awards, accolades, cheers and applause. But now, it means feeling good. Anything that I do that leaves me feeling good (blissful, lit-up, alive) I know I did well and was successful at. That shift in perspective has led me to living a happier life. The pressure of ambition and obliterating the next goal used to choke the life out of me during my school-days [I was a high-achieving-student, that participated in choir and public speaking and drama and interact and soccer and, and, and…weekdays were I would get home from school at 8pm or 11pm were normal].

Busi Poyo 2I still enjoy all the things that I enjoyed then, getting an A [now at varsity] makes me feel good so I know that I am successful. But doing my best at an exam also leaves me feeling good, so even if I don’t get an A, I know that I am successful. Delivering a transformative pitch or having a transformative conversation leaves me feeling good so I know I am successful. Making my nephew laugh makes me feel good and so I know that I am successful. All this is because I realized that what I was actually looking for was the feeling of Life, not things that brought it about. That realization was an incredible Aha-moment.

I Am Driven By | Hope, the idea that just around the next corner is something great. That the next person I meet is an amazing teacher. There is also my fascination with the beauty of Life. The strength of seemingly delicate things, like blades of grass (they can push through concrete!!)
Both of those are ideals I hope I embody and radiate. I hope I contribute to the beauty of Life – that’s a tall order for me, I think because our society socializes us to believe in “better” always being “out there”. Being part of that shift, with hope and beauty, towards “better” being “in here” drives me. It is why I do almost everything. It is why being part of Culture Movement makes so much sense to me.

My Highlights | I am most proud of choosing myself. All the times that I put my health first, or chose my dignity over a quick buck. The times that I stayed true to what I believe in instead of regurgitating what I have been told is correct. All of those mean the world to me.
Starting Culture Movement has been a highlight – I took the impact that literature has had on my life for granted until we began. The One Young World selection is also a big deal for me. One Young World is a big deal generally, but it represents a very personal confidence related journey for me. It reminds me to take the plunge.

The Difference Between Good And Great | I believe that people who are great at what they do possess a strong focus on it. They would not rather be doing anything else. They are fully present in doing it – and they love doing it. People who are great at what they do appreciate the opportunity to do it. That sets them apart from their equally skilled, equally talented, equally connected, equally hard working peers. People who are great at what they do know that it could’ve been anyone else in their position so they don’t ever take it for granted.

A Key Talent | Oh wow, what would a step-by-step How To on trusting your intuition look like? Let me try. Believe your desires (dreams, ambitions, goals). Don’t just believe IN them, actually believe that if you show up to your life they will happen. Actually show up! Too many people are using their lives to audition for zombie roles in Michael Jackson’s Thriller. You need to actually live life to realize your goals. This means being focused. Focus is about directing your energy. If you are responding to emails, then you are responding to emails. Not watching TV, making toast, checking your Facebook timeline while ‘kinda’ going through your email inbox. If all those things that you are using to distract yourself with are important write them down.
Write down your plans. I hope you have a vision board, a physical one or a Pinterest one(my whole Pinterest is my vision board). That will be a representation of your long-term goals and dreams. Which is good, but a daily map or plan amps up your productivity.
Busi Poyo 3Plan your days. Every morning, after getting ready. Sit down with your planner or notebook and write down ALL the things that you have to do. Then start another list, on that one, use high-levels of discretion. Write down ONLY the things that you can do on that day. That second list is probably going to have 3-5 tasks to complete. That list is your plan for that day. Having written plans for reaching your goals helps your brain help you to reach your goals.
I believe that your gut or intuition is your brain reminding you about your desires. So listen up, or rather, feel around for those reminders. They are a nudge to take the action that will help you reach your goals.
So heed to the nudge. Follow your gut. It might take a few tries before you have Olivia Pope gut-strength. But if you feel the nudge to apply for that opportunity that you’ve been dreaming of. Just apply. You will be teaching yourself to put yourself out there and letting yourself stand up to be counted.

Principles I Live By | Love. Oneness. Life. I believe all three are just different iterations of the Divine.

Performing At My Peak | I focus on keeping myself healthy: emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically. I try to exercise daily and eat well. I laugh a lot and nurture my well-being. I had to learn the hard way though, so I understand in a very real way just how important looking after your health is for your career.

Resources I Use To Stay Inspired | Silence Literal silence. Whenever I sit in silence I encounter all types of personal “philosophical” dilemmas and for the answers or at least some kind of inspiration I go to my second resource…
Google – I type in any questions I have, or topics that interest me and get hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of leads to what every other person who has had the interest or similar question thinks about it.
Twitter – Which is also an amazing place to interact with inspiring people.
TEDtalks –Another brilliant source of inspiration that tap into my passion for communications.
Blogs and Books – I’m not one for dolling out “must read” lists because I believe that people, blogs, books either resonate or they don’t. So instead I will recommend clicking on that interesting link in an article, signing up to that email-list you keep thinking about and walking into that bookshop that intrigues you. Our lives are mines, for inspiration and information. But we only get our Eureka moment if we don’t stop drilling.

The Meaning Of Life | Joseph Campbell called it following your bliss. And I believe that that’s all we are called here to do – that which lights us up. I believe that when you are lit up, you light up your surroundings and even those around you are inspired by your “light”. We have different names for this “light”: charisma, charm, enigma, leadership, drive, motivation. I believe that all of them boil down to one thing – following your bliss, which is what we are all here to do.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | It was a question that my copywriting lecturer (Roela Hattingh) posed to the whole class. “With what you have, what will you do?” It is a daily challenge to me whenever I come across roadblock on my path to solutions. It is a big call to action for me, even as part of Culture Movement.

Busi Poyo 1Advice On Building Wealth | Count smiles, laughter, blessings, hugs. Count the number of times you feels great. Don’t count the money. Yes, money is great it offers increased access. But let the journey to that increased access be worth it – and fun. P.S. learn about the stock market – like the difference between holding shares and day trading.


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