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Brian Biro can be described as one of today’s most sought-after professional speakers, but he is so much more. He is also a Teambuilding Speaker, a Motivational Speaker, and a Leadership Speaker with the skills, knowledge and experience to truly deliver exceptional results. Companies and organizations who are truly committed to bringing out the best in their people hire Brian as a presenter at conferences, meetings and events all over the world. His amazing energy and passion create a shaed experience that is literally life-changing. 


My Definition Of Success | I believe that real success is peace of mind that comes only from knowing you’ve given the best of which you’re capable. In other words, success is about your character…not your reputation. Your character is who you ARE, your reputation only what others THINK you are.  And if you focus on your character, eventually it will BECOME your reputation!

My Highlights | Without question the greatest joy in my life is my family!  I am so proud of the human beings my daughters have become and the wonderful love that my wife and I have shared for 30 years. To me this is the ultimate demonstration of walking my talk instead of merely talking it!

The Difference Between Good And Great | I once asked my mentor, the greatest college basketball coach of all time, John Wooden, “Coach, what’s the difference between a good team and a great one?” His answer took me by surprise. He said, “Brian, the difference between a good team and a great one is the same difference between a good leader and a great one, a good parent and a great one, a good life and a great one. I believe the difference comes down to two little words. On good teams everyone is willing to support one another and the greater good.  But great teams, teachers, parents, and leaders are EAGER to do whatever it takes.” It is the difference between being willing and being eager that has the greatest impact on your performance, your character, and your impact on others.

The Characteristics Of Success | I truly believe the secret behind the secrets which allows you to achieve success, impact others at the deepest level, and make the most of every precious moment is to be FULLY PRESENT. That means that when you’re with someone, 100% of your mind, body, and spirit is with the person you are with, where they are NOW!  When you are fully present you send an unstoppable message to that person that she is important and significant. That is our JOB as leaders…to help all we touch to KNOW they are important.

Principles I Live By |
Be FULLY present
What you focus on is what you CREATE
Your ENERGY is your choice
It’s amazing what’s accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit!
Be a true blame buster…because blame is about the past and solution is in the present
If it’s not working….try something DIFFERENT!

Brian-Biro_P2Lessons I Have Learnt | Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is that my ENERGY is my choice! Most people think of their energy in the same way they think about the weather! But your energy is nothing like the weather.  It is absolutely a matter of your choice. And to everyone you touch, your energy IS your example. You can change your energy in three key ways…First, change the way you MOVE. Your energy is created by the way that you move.  Second, live everyday with PURPOSE.  Whenever you are alive with purpose, energy is no problem!  Third, ask yourself GREAT questions…instead of “why me?”…“Why NOT me?”  When you think of your energy on a ten-point scale with one being comatose and ten you at your absolute best, here is a GREAT question…On that scale, where are you living your life? As that number moves from 6.5 to 7.6 to 8.4 to 9.7…everything in your life will rise with it!

Performing At My Peak | The key for me is breaking through the need for approval.  In the early days of my professional speaking career I’d rush off to some quiet corner and devour every single evaluation as soon as the seminar ended.  And what was I looking for?  PERFECTION!  It didn’t matter if 99% of the participants had loved me. All I saw was the one percent who didn’t give me glowing approval.  Anything less than 100% validation left me feeling crushed and completely rejected.
One day after a seminar in St. Louis I finally broke through.  As I tore into the evaluations like an addict needing his fix, a transformational question popped into my mind.  “Why am I doing this work?”  WHAM!  Instantly I realized that I didn’t love speaking because of the response and approval but rather because of the way I felt when I was presenting, as if God was speaking through me!  It became natural to replace the need for approval with simple gratitude. By letting go of the need for approval I have felt constant energy, inspiration, and joy in my work for more than twenty five years!

The Best Advice I’ve Received | The best advice I’ve ever received is to be EASY TO IMPRESS and HARD TO OFFEND!  When you are easy to impress it means you look for the good, the value, the BEST in others and self.  In so doing you help others feel important and that they have something worthwhile to contribute. When you are hard to offend, you don’t take things personally and live with defensiveness and ego. You can disagree without being disagreeable and appreciate and value differences rather than fearing them.

Brian-Biro_P3Advice On Building Wealth | The greatest inventor in American history, Thomas Edison is a shining example of the power of abundance thinking. His record of inventions and patents is simply staggering.  But it was his abundance perspective that made those achievements possible.  It took him nearly four years and several thousand failed attempts before he was able to develop the light bulb.  Several weeks before he finally found the solution, he and his team thought they had had finally discovered the answer. However, it was once again unsuccessful.  At that point, his top assistant came to Edison in utter frustration and asked, “How can you stand all this failure?”
Edison replied as only a true abundance thinker could, “Are you kidding! We just learned another way NOT to make a light bulb!”. Edison refused to become stuck on the adversity and instead quickly focused on the seed of benefit. That is a genius we can all model that is crucial to true wealth.
From the abundance perspective you see the world as unlimited, magnificent, blessed, and filled with possibility.  You do not fear failure because you simply see missteps as opportunities to learn and adjust.  You focus so much more on what could go right rather than what could go wrong.  And as you focus on the benefit as a breakthrough leader you will magnetically pull it towards you.

I Am Inspired By | I have many role models in my life…some real people from history and others who are fictional characters from books. Gandhi for his devotion to purpose and gentle but persistent way….Mother Teresa for teaching us that service is love in action. Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books for the twinkle in his eye and his remarkable way of letting others discover their strengths…Atticus Finch from the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for being a shining example of a leader who has moved from ego to “We go.”

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