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Brad Sugars came from humble beginnings and is a self-made multi-millionaire most famous for his global business coaching franchise Action Coach. Along with his family, one of the biggest influences in his life is Jim Rohn. Brad often tells audiences the tale of how as a teenager he scrimped and saved his allowance in order to afford tickets to a Jim Rohn seminar while friends his own age were enjoying spending their money on games and movies. Despite being the youngest person in the audience, the result of his attendance was life changing. During the seminar, Brad recalls when Jim Rohn told the audience to “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Brad Sugars is an avid reader of non-fiction business books and ever since his attendance at this seminar has read an average of one book per week.
Brad-Sugars_P1My Definition Of Success | Success has a very simple meaning, being free to do what I want, where I want, with whom I want … If you use that meaning then the definition can stay the same but the focus or the goals can change.  Early in my career, what I wanted to do was to achieve more financial success and more influence and the ability to change more lives.  The old saying of the more people you serve, the more you deserve was a very driving force, but so too was Jim Rohn’s quote to “Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job”.
Nowadays the goals have shifted to my 4 kids and my wife and friends and my lifestyle.  I still work super hard on the days or weeks I work, and achieve even more now than I ever could have then, but I built a business that can run without me so I can invest time now building great kids and relationships.

The Difference Between Good And Great | So many ways to answer this.  Simply put it’s the focus and desire to be great.  The decision to go for great rather than good.  The old saying of Good is the Enemy of Great is so true for so many people.
There is no one thing that creates greatness, but if I were asked to make sure people were great.  Surround yourself with the right people, people who demand greatness out of you.

A Key Talent | Simple, Communication, the ability to move a team through words and messages, the ability to bring out emotions and have people passionate about what needs to be done.  This ability of a leader is paramount.Communication is something you learn by understanding that the real test of communication is the response you get.  If a salesperson gets a no to a sales presentation, then that’s how well they communicated.  If a husband gets his wife upset with his lack of listening, then that’s the true test of his communication.
Communication is something you learn by understanding that the real test of communication is the response you get.  If a salesperson gets a no to a sales presentation, then that’s how well they communicated.  If a husband gets his wife upset with his lack of listening, then that’s the true test of his communication.
Communication starts with understanding.  I have used both behavioural and communication profiles to understand myself and others better.  The DiSC behavioural profile and any NLP profiling tools you can find will work.  That way I have a base of understanding how people communicate, how they behave and thus how my style will best interact and communicate with theirs.  It’s great in relationships, management, leadership, sales and so many more areas of life.
Then it’s about understanding relationships and how they are built.  Basically it’s the little things that matter most.  The short phone call, the text message, the small gift.  These little things matter a LOT more than the big things when you want to get real results with your relationships.  Simply put, the better the relationship, the easier the communication.

Brad-Sugars_P2How I Use My Mind | The human brain is an amazing tool, but like all tools, if you don’t use them, they don’t work that well for you.  So start with training your brain, new knowledge every single day.  Second, develop habits to focus your brain daily.  Every morning and every evening take 15 to 20 minutes to focus on your goals, on who you need to be that day, what you have to do, what are your ideal outcomes.  Then at night look back and see what you achieved, focus on what was great and look forward to the future and see how all of that will play out in a few months or years for you.

Lessons I Have Learnt | A successful life starts with the understanding … Be x Do = Have … I literally have dozens of videos teaching this on but simply put; Be great times do great equals have great and vice versa.  Or in reverse, when you know what you want to have, you can plan what you need to do and then work on becoming the person who can do those things at such a level that all your dreams and goals become a reality.

Dealing With Doubt | Everyone I have ever met suffers from this from time to time.  That’s why you need a coach.  You need a team who believe in you, a team who coach you and push you to be greater than even you think you can be.  Success is not achieved without a great team and a great coach.

The Meaning Of Life | To be the best me that I can be.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Oh so many things I could list here.  Probably Jim Rohn.  Never wish your life were easier, wish that you were better …

Advice On Building Wealth | Two simple things.  Build your own business for income and invest in long term real estate for wealth.
Wealth is based on one very simple premise.  Leverage.  It’s mathematic definition is divide to multiply.  So examples of that would be Henry Ford with the production line or Ray Kroc with McDonalds.  The definition I first learned was Ever More with Ever Less.  Easy to understand but not to implement.
My definition of Leverage is far simpler.  Do the work once and get paid long term or forever.  So I build a business that works without me, I work once get paid long term, maybe even forever.  I invest in real estate, I buy it once and collect rent and maybe even capital gains, forever …

Brad-Sugars_P3On Inspiring Others | This is the most important part of business success.  I am always recruiting, looking for great people and finding ways to have them join the team.  It starts with your Vision and Values, only when you are clear on the two of them can you really look for people that are a fit with your company.
Second, you don’t motivate employees, you find motivated employees.  Motivation comes from within and great people ARE motivated at all times, they don’t GET motivated.
Next, you have to manage them well, day to day and week to week it’s about management.  Demanding great performance, measuring it, training for it, coaching towards it building systems for it.  These are a pro-active managers job.
Finally leadership, from the moment you induct people into your company, they need to know WHY they are doing what they do.  Management is about What and How to do it, leadership is about WHY you are doing it.  Keep your people focused on the goals, the Vision and they will stay passionate about their work.


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