Bheki Kunene

Bheki Kunene is one of South Africa’s most celebrated and respected young entrepreneurs. The success of his company, Mindtrix, enables him to change the lives of over 40 people. Bheki has shown that with determination, it is possible to surmount almost impossible odds and become a successful entrepreneur.

Bheki-Kunene_P3My Definition Of Success | I personally believe success is having dominion over life. Being in charge of your life’s outcomes. Success is being able to design your own life, salary and friends, how people speak to you or treat you, what you do and don’t do. It’s a personal matter for each individual I believe, yet the core of it is not living life as it comes but designing how your life should be and building it yourself.
I used to think being a self-made millionaire was success or having a high net worth but over the years it’s changed into having a balance of abundance in wealth, health and relationships. I seemed to notice entrepreneurs (myself included) spend our days and nights including weekends chasing wealth and become unhealthy, forcing us to spend all our wealth trying to regain our health. In this process missing out on key relations with the people who love us. Hence I personally feel it’s a balance of these aspects of life.

I Am Driven By | Accumulating wealth, giving the little I have to the less fortunate, seeing a happy client, the dream of making my mother happy and proud of the man she has raised me to become and funny enough revenge.
Revenge on all the people whom were in higher power in my childhood that deemed me a misfit and failure that either belonged in prison or a graveyard. See they overlooked the possibility of me taking my mistakes as a child and turning it into an inspirational message to universe – That no matter what wrong / failure you may have incurred in the past, there is still hope for a better future if you believe and work hard on it.

Bheki-Kunene_P2My Highlights |

  • Starting the Mind Trix Media with R600 and no business knowledge nor capital and turning it into a globally reputable brand with clients all around the world.
  • Assisting over 14 previously disadvantaged individuals acquire free tertiary tuition in both graphic design and web design.
  • Looking up to Richard Branson as a role model and one day randomly wining a ticket to spend 2 days with Richard Branson in 2013, which just did something to my life I can never explain.
  • Most importantly being in the situation I was in as a 13-year-old and making something of my life despite the odds against me makes me feel emotional and proud of not giving up.

The Difference Between Good And Great | I believe people whom are good become comfortable after making a name for themselves and start to relax while the great devote themselves to lifelong improvement and learning. They never stop trying to compete with themselves and do better than they did the last time.

A Key Talent | Resilience / ability to bounce back after a major setback and trying again till I succeed. It’s pretty tough breaking it down into a step-by-step DIY advice hey. I just happen to perform at my peak when setbacks occur. I become so frustrated and angry that the agony becomes a form of fuel, which propels me into success. I just can’t explain how it happens it just happens.

Bheki-Kunene_P1How I Use My Mind | Practising visualization / idealization. (I picture myself having accomplished the end result before I begin) I always begin with the end in mind with everything I do and work my way back to where I am and establish the people/resource I need to acquire the end result. I see myself successful before I even begin. This mentally puts me in a positive success state mentally.

Lessons I Have Learnt | Keep trying and trying. If you don’t succeed keep trying again and again if you really passionate about what you believe in. Take a break if you need to; cry if you must just never ever give in.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | Wealth is not the money we earn but the money we keep. Therefore always ensure you spend less than what you earn always.

Advice On Building Wealth | Make big promises (pitches) and stick to your word whether to yourself or the clients you deal with. Keep your clients happy and staff happy.

I Am Inspired By | Richard Branson, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Warren Buffet, Helen (my mom) and Margret Kunene (my grandma)

The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | Leaving a trail of success by enabling others to become successful.

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