Barbara Kamba-Nyathi

Barbara Kamba-Nyathi™️ is a best selling author, social psychologist, inspirational speaker, mediator, poet, entrepreneur, and lifestyle and wellness coach. She is the founder and CEO of Bold Dialogue, an organisation that aims to empower, inspire and guide women to become the best versions of themselves.  Barbara is also a two-times TEDx speaker.

Bold Dialogue creates an atmosphere of healing, transformation and growth. In addition to bringing women together to support, mentor, and encourage one another, Bold Dialogue hosts vision boarding workshops that enable women to bring their dreams to life, and presents master classes on various topics that enable women to rise above their circumstances. Through its online activities, the organisation engages with women across the African continent.  Bold Dialogue also offers coaching and mentorship services, and publishes a newsletter that empowers women from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Barbara Kamba-Nyathi

Where does my ‘MAGIC’ come from? | I believe my magic comes from the many second chances life has given me; I survived stage 3 cervical cancer, stage 4 endometriosis, myoma, I was deaf for nine months, and MRI scan revealed a swollen pituitary gland in my brain, I nearly drowned in the Atlantic ocean in Swakopmund, I have had 14 surgical operations, I had a hysterectomy, I was once a victim of sexual abuse in my childhood and domestic abuse in my marriage, I got divorced and I live with an autoimmune disease.  If my life has been worth surviving all these challenges, surely my magic lies within them all.

My LIFE MISSION | To be LOVE, PEACE & LIGHT to the world

Difference between good and great people | Good people perform perform very well at what is expected of them.  Great people work from a place of love and passion and give their all to whatever they commit to.

Biggest learning experience. | Accepting that I am different and should be kind to my body, mind and spirit, after all I have been through the mill and back.

Principles and values I live by |

  • Authenticity in all my dealings
  • Forgiveness of myself and those who wrong me
  • Vulnerability by allowing myself to be emotionally bare for the healing of others by sharing my journey to my Becoming

How I stay energised and perform at my peak | I exercise in the morning, meditate and repeat my mantra, take my meds and then I am ready to kick ass at what I do.

Best advice I ever received | From my friend Prisca when I wanted to divorce my then husband, she told me to heal first from the emotional trauma before I even think of leaving him.  That was vital in my growth because now I make sure I heal from any pain; emotional, physical,             or spiritual before I move on.  The catharsis has been life transforming.

Am I a happy person | Absolutely and every morning I purpose to be happy.

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