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Alex Stephany

Alex Stephany is an expert on the sharing economy and author of the definitive book on the sharing economy, The Business of Sharing, published by Macmillan in 2015. CEO of JustPark, Alex Stephany speaks and talks regularly on the sharing economy.

Alex-Stephany_P1My Definition Of Success | Success means waking up and doing what you want to do every day. A large part of that is freedom. Because what that thing is will change month by month. That’s not to say success is the right to be self-indulgent do. People can and should get huge personal self-fulfillment from working for others: whether that means supporting or caring for family or helping to provide a workplace and rising salaries for a growing team of employees in my case.

I Am Driven By | A massive perfectionist streak. Once something has my attention, I have to be the best at it and get the top results. Running a startup, you have to learn to let go of this because it can run contrary to another virtue of huge importance: not quality but speed. Sometimes – often – it’s necessary to let go of that perfectionism. Fortunately (or not depending on the context!), I’m also a very impatient person too.

My Highlights | I’m proud of helping to build the company and an incredible team since becoming CEO at In the last 18 months, I’ve helped to close the largest ever equity crowdfunding for a tech startup in history of £3.7M and also find time to write a critically acclaimed book on the sharing economy: The Business of Sharing.

Alex-Stephany_P3The Difference Between Good And Great | Love. That’s why as Steve Jobs would often say, you need to find what you love. That might not mean being rich or famous – it might not be paid or glamorous. It means finding something that fascinates you and at first and probably always intimidates you. Because the only way to be great at something is to pursue something you love where you’ll never feel for a moment that you have run out of things to learn.

A Key Talent | It’s sometimes said that a difference between US and UK entrepreneurs is that US entrepreneurs play to their strengths and UK ones focus on fixing their weaknesses. Here’s a harsh truth: your weaknesses will probably always be your weaknesses. My strengths are thinking analytically and hard work and I’ve tried to harness plenty of both. But my advice would be to ignore mine and find yours. Sure, build up a base skillset where you are really lacking, but find other people who can complement your own weaknesses

Principles I Live By | The same ones as you can see in the sharing economy: a socio-economic movement that will prove to be the most significant of the 21st century. That’s to say collaboration to a point of self-sufficiency, frugality and openness to trust others despite the sometimes frightening world – one I have witnessed for myself in South Africa.

How I Use My Mind | I do yoga and walk or run for an hour a day. I think there’s zero doubt that your mind functions better when you stay fit.

Alex-Stephany_P2Dealing With Doubt | Work out the best way to deal with these doubts or fears (when they come you do x, y and z) and make yourself a playbook to deal with these doubts. It could be as simple as a smile, phone your girlfriend, make a note – whatever works tactically.


My Future Dreams And Ambitions | Marrying and having kids. And lots of travelling in a world without the pain of parking.


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