Alex Harris | Race Director of The Munga & Explorer

Alex Harris

Alex Harris is an athlete, speaker and passionate advocate for living purpose filled lives. His interests are varied and unique and he has been climbing and exploring for two decades, leading more than twenty expeditions to some of the furthest corners of the planet.

Alex-Harris_P1My Definition Of Success | For me, success means to consistently live your dreams and goals in such a way as to make a positive impact in the lives of others. A long time ago it was just about getting to the top of a mountain!



I Am Driven By | I’m obsessed about the potential put in people by God, and my role in living out my potential…to the maximum!

My Highlights | From an expedition side I would say the South Pole walk with Sibusiso Vilane. Getting close to a balance between living the dream by not selling out to the demands of a mediocre world.

The Difference Between Good And Great | People who are great at what they do have the ability to impact and inspire others without meaning to or being intentional about it. A product of their life is positive impact, not necessarily the focus of it.

A Key Talent | A revelation of the potential of people and the source of this potential.
Sometimes the physical evidence of deteriorating market conditions or physically stressful situations on expeditions can be very misleading. All this can point to a tempting thought that things are doomed to fail. Remind yourself that you are made in the image of an awesome God! Failure is not in your DNA. Ingenuity, resilience perseverance, hope and power are!

  • Figure out what your passions are
  • Go and do them till it hurtsAlex-Harris_P2
  • Learn how to persevere and be resilient
  • Set precedents (do things you have never done before around your passions)
  • Fail, then do some more
  • Decide how you best communicate (speaking to groups, stories, writing, one on one, songs etc.) i.e. what’s your voice
  • Tell your story in your voice (share your failures and triumphs)
  • Impact others through your stories
  • Discover your purpose by impacting
  • Go back to step 2!

Principles I Live By | Integrity, passion, honesty, relationship

Critical Skills I Develop | Being honest with people, building relationships, over delivering, being obsessed about excellence.

How I Use My Mind | Nothing is impossible… In the context of season, skill set, passions, gifting…when you figure out this mix, there really is nothing you can’t do with your life.

The Meaning Of Life | To live out our God given potential and leave a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | The greater the calling, the longer the training.

I Am Inspired By | Christ, in my faith. Elon Musk, in business. Victor Frankl and Neil Armstrong







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