Victoria Verbaan | Artist, Illustrator & Designer

Victoria Verbaan

Victoria Verbaan is an established designer, artist and illustrator. Working in a wide variety of artistic disciplines ranging from illustration and painting to the design of bespoke rugs, wallpaper, limited edition fine art prints, fabric and more recently, ceramics. Commissioned artwork and fabric can be seen in local and international homes as well as restaurants and boutique hotels. Wallpaper Magazine named her as 1 of 20 reasons to visit South Africa. In addition to commissioned artwork, Victoria can be contacted for creative projects and illustration. Victoria has illustrated for Marie Claire Magazine, Vodaworld Magazine, Cambridge Publishing, Sunbird Publishers, Woolworths and various advertising agencies.

My Definition Of Success | It’s obviously different for everyone.  For me it’s simple – to be happy and to be in a postion where I give a little more than I take.  At the beginning of my career I was driven by making a name for myself in the industry thinking that this would make me happy and successful. We start to think that materialism and the accumulation of fame, success and wealth are going to bring us happiness but it’s pointless really. I’m still working really hard at becoming succesful.

I Am Driven By | The ever pressing feeling of wanting to do better.  Do more.  To have everything I want and now be able to give back.

The Difference Between Good And Great | The difference between good and great is ‘wish’ and ‘do’. Don’t ponder, wonder or wish.  Just ‘DO!’ and you’ll go from good to great!
Don’t spend too much time thinking or analyzing, just do. Work consistently, hustle and sacrifice.  Don’t land up thinking what might have been.

A Key Talent | I’m incredibly resilient, like a dung beetle, persistent, consistent and determined.  And yes sometimes I do have to look up to the stars to find my way but thats also fine.  But its important to be practical in how you work,  You have to improvise, everyday is different in my industry.
Be technologically savvy – create an image for yourself and brand that suits you and that your customers aspire to.  Be cautious about what you put out there, it can be very damaging and its often violently misused.   Follow that inner voice of yours and be yourself.  Don’t try and be a carbon copy of something else – you’ll land up an empty shell.  Always look for a new angle, be original and fresh.  Don’t be afraid to stop traffic and by that I mean with your crazy and wonderful ideas.  Put it out there!  You just never know!

Victoria-Verbaan-3The Best Advice I’ve Received | I was told never expect anything from anybody so that I would never be disappointed.  Don’t go through life expecting people to be nice and for nice things to happen, be overjoyed when they do.

Dealing With Doubt | We all have times of self doubt, fear and negativity but these are ‘choice feelings’.  If someone or an environment is making you feel dull, cut them out of your life or leave.  We are all genius in some way or another – you have to beliveve in yourself to find it.   I carry the pocket version of Tao te Ching with me everywhere I go.  It really puts things into perspective and it grounds me.
I’ve suffered many years of self doubt.  I started the business in 2009 after getting divorced, my daughter and I moved back in with my parents and in a sense I lost my self worth and independance.  I had to tread water for a long time.  Its been a very healthy journey for me though.  I’ve realized whats important, what to say, what not to say, how to treat people, how to build people up, never to judge and to remain upbeat at all times!  My mindset is very strong as a result.  Nothing beats me.   And I’ve learnt to appreciate how hard it is to be succesful and to really be grateful for everything.  ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’ Albert Einstein.

The Characteristics Of Success | It all starts with kindness and showing gratitude.  Be honest in your work ethic and consistent.  Take the risk  and focus on your end goal.  Don’t waste your time living someone elses life.  And remember its never too late to become what you might have been.  Dream bigger.

Critical Skills I Develop | To Hustle,  to be adaptable and to persevere when things get tough.  To constantly revise and change.

Performing At My Peak | I’m a perfectionist and I look for inspiration everywhere.  I’m surrounded by a bunch of fabulous girls who make me laugh which is good for the soul and they tell me when somethings hot or not!  Alway be on your toes.  Never stop researching, reading, asking questions, looking for gaps.


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