Kelly Grevier

Kelly Grevier is a Joburg-based music fanatic. She works in music publication, got a masters’ degree in Music Cognition, teaches guitar both privately and at schools, performs with her band Lacey May whenever she can, and above all this still finds time on Sundays to run Sidewalk Sessions in the streets of Braamfontein. Teaching guitar lessons to whichever child wants to learn, it started several years ago with her, some neighbourhood kids and one guitar, and has grown into a weekly fixture, with so many kids now choosing to spend their mornings feeling the satisfaction that comes with learning a new instrument. Fully committed to her musical passion, Kelly recognises that it is all for nought if it isn’t shared with others along the way. 

Kelly-Gravier-1Definition of Success | One thing I deem important to success is to always do what makes you 100% happy. Even in the most stressful times of my life I sit back and remind myself that every single day I get to play music, work in the music industry, study music and teach music to amazing students. If I wasn’t happy in the industry I chose I really believe I would have a miserable life.
I think that everyone’s definition of success is achievable and even when you give it 100% you will only get 50% out. I think you need to work harder than you ever thought possible to achieve your goals and never give up on them because eventually you will see them paying off. A lot of people believe ‘balance’ is key to happiness and success that is to work hard and still make time for yourself, I have never felt that way as I live and breath the industry I am in and it never really feels like work as everyday I walk away fulfilled and happy. Never stop setting goals and pushing yourself to try new ventures even if they fail. Don’t get too comfortable because there is always so much more out there.
Help people that don’t have what you have, even in the smallest way, it really will enhance your life, and most importantly theirs.
The meaning of success has changed for me over the years, when I was younger success meant being a superstar and having millions of fans around the world, as I got more involved in the music industry I think the most successful people are those making a living and supporting a family off music, they get to do something they love and earn an income from it. Personally I don’t think I could ask for anything more.

Kelly-Gravier-3My Highlights | The highlights of my life and my career are one and the same, I have chosen to dedicate my life to music and the music industry. I have been able to play with one of my favorite international bands when they toured to South Africa some years ago, I have been able to understand that you can be a working musician (with a full time job) and an academic at the same time. A proud moment thus far was graduating Cum Laude with distinction and invited to be valedictorian when I graduated in 2012. I was proud when accepted into the Masters program with a bursary and being awarded the Lead SA Hero award in 2014. I am proudest of my guitar students, they show me every week how wonderful it is to teach music and give back to a vibrant and artistic community.

Important Lessons I Have Learnt | The most important lessons I have learnt thus far is to never give up on your dreams, when you get knocked down, put on some lipstick, get back up, try harder and do better until you achieve what you want. If you are not getting what you want, just ask, its helped me immensely in my life thus far.

Kelly-Gravier-2Performing At My Peak | I ensure im always performing at my peak with a positive mindset and being as organized as possible. Other things I find helpful is making time to exercise, and plenty of sleep.


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