Vincent Moon | Independent Filmmaker, Photographer & Sound Artist

Vincent Moon

Vincent Moon is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and sound artist from Paris. He was the main director of the Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows, a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire.

Vincent-Moon_P1My Definition Of Success | To me, success means being free. Free from anybody telling you what to do, free to envision new possibilities all the time. Free to just ‘have a good time’, smart and fun. Success have nothing to do with fame or money, although the first steps of my work, when I got a bit successful on internet with the first films I was making, turned my head a bit upside down, and I was living for numbers, trying to reach more and more people each time I was publishing a new film online. Until I realize that I was getting less and less free, more and more submitted to the audience.

I Am Driven By | The constant need to discover something new, to try a new experiment, to expand possibilities – and actually, to play a new game with life, constantly. I see cinema as a wonderful tool for social experiments, this is why I have little interest in very mastered works, when everything has been scripted long time before the shooting. I love accidents, I live for happy encounters or impromptu happenings, because I think this is where life is at its purest.


Vincent-Moon_P2A Key Talent | I do not think you should replicate anything, at all, but more get inspired by various ways of doing until you make your own path. I also do not think you should try to be powerful, it’s a very weird word actually, very dangerous in our global context. I truly think though my ‘success’ has been into working a lot, a lot, constantly, until you realize you are having so much fun working it’s not really work anymore…

Principles I Live By | Honesty, humbleness, imagination, curiosity. And coherence in your ideas and your actions.

Lessons I Have Learnt | There is always gonna be someone who is gonna be better at this, so why bother being perfect? I learned imperfections are the salt of life.

The Best Advice I’ve Received | “There is nothing to lose », someone said to me one day. And he added « if all you risk is your life, it’s that not much in the end, you should still try it»

Vincent-Moon_P3Advice On Building Wealth | Don’t try. It will bring to you very stupid people those days.

I Am Inspired By | Many, so many people, from filmmakers to writers to dancers to climbers to musicians to drunkards. Maybe I was so inspired by them that I ate them all, and it became part of me.

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